How easy is it to get music for my project? So easy, grandpa can do it. Simply select the tracks you like, save them to your project, select a license and download. 

What kind of license do you offer? We offer both master use and sync licenses. If you licensed a track from us, you have both licenses built into one. The master use license allows you to use the recording of the composition. The sync license allows you the use of the underlying composition itself. The uses permitted are determined by the selections you make when you purchase your license. We have a selection for just about every use, but if you have a need that isn't covered by any of the prewritten licenses, please contact us and we will produce a license for your needs. 

What does a music license cover? A music license can cover a wide variety of uses, from personal home use to big commercial projects. It is important to obtain proper license that covers the intended use of any music.

What do you base your pricing on? We base our pricing on a variety of factors. The most important factor is the potential viewership. Each project has a potential for a certain amount of viewership. That doesn't mean that if little Jimmy's youtube video accidentally goes viral, he'll have to cough up the dough. However, if a project is intended to represent a brand, it's more likely to have advertising money behind it and, therefore a larger audience. So, the resulting license will have a higher cost than Jimmy's youtube video of fireworks, filmed in the back yard, for fun. 

Can I request music that's not already here? Absolutely! Give us a few reference tracks similar to what you need and we can write tracks to meet your needs. Remember, Avid Wolf Music retains copyright of all musical tracks created for use. If you'd like exclusive ownership of any tracks or score, you'll need to mention it in your license request and we would have to consult the composer who created it. 

How do I pay for Licenses? We accept payments via Stripe and Credit card through PayPal or straight through your PayPal Acount.

I'm a music creator. How do I get my music in your library? Please CLICK HERE to send an inquiry through our "submissions" page we'll send over the info needed to audition your tracks and become part of the Avid Wolf Pack! We do strive to have a catalog of only high quality tracks. Make sure the tracks you submit are ready for broadcast use. This means that they are well performed, quality recordings that are also mixed well. They don't always need mastering but every track must be mixed well.