Custom tracks for your projects?

We have you covered!




In a way, Yes. The difference being how our licensing and pricing works. Film score is custom tailored to the scene, so in that way, our "custom" tracks are film score. However, most composers charge a set dollar figure (can range from hundreds to thousands) multiplied by the number of minutes in the film, as a work-for-hire agreement. You can imagine how fast that can add up.

We understand that you may not have the budget to "buyout" the full copyright of a composer's work, so we wanted to offer another option: Custom Tracks!  We charge for the USAGE of the custom "track" the same way we charge for any other track in our licensing store. This means that you aren't paying for the "Custom" or the "Buyout" part but you still get to the license you want and need for the scope of your project and distribution. 

We retain the copyright of our music, just like a music artist would, but allow you the use of the custom tracks in your film, for whichever license you choose (Ranging from Festival and Online Use to Worldwide Broadcast Use and Wide Release Use.)


You're an indie filmmaker and want custom tracks for your film, which will be shown at festivals, to local theaters and to an unpaid audience online. Our typical license for that use (In our store) is $60 for a 3 year license and $90 for a perpetual license. It's the same for our custom tracks. Here's how the price quote process works:

Together, we determine the length of the track by the scene's needs. When changing scenes, it is often necessary to change the composition as well. When this happens, we start a new track. We determine how many tracks you would need by analyzing the length of the scenes, whether they need music or not, and what kind of music. We come to an agreement on how many tracks you would need and multiply that by the license fee fo a typical track on our site.

Theres no extra fees for custom tracks. Even if we make more "tracks" than we said you would need, the price is the same. The only way you would need to pay more is if you needed an upgrade on a license, in case you needed broadcast rights or to sell soundtracks or some other upgrade. License upgrades are not available in the store but you may base your upgrade request on one of our existing licenses. 


We love hearing from filmmakers about new projects. If you have something coming up, don't be shy! Let's chat about it.