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David Parsons

Based out of New Jersey, David Parsons is the founder and head composer/producer at Avid Wolf Music. David's cinematic musical style has been described as Dark and Powerful, yet Dramatic and Emotional. He commonly mixes orchestral arrangements with dark overtones and electronic elements.

Avid Wolf LLC started its metamorphosis in the early 2000's, when David decided to switch gears from playing guitar and songwriting to recording and producing. While working in the studio in his early band projects, laying down tracks and producing demos, he stumbled upon his true lovechild, composing. David's biggest motivation is his passion for film and the music that fuels the intensity behind his favorite TV shows, movies and video games. 


Singer/songwriter ELOSIN (pronounced ee-low-sin) is an emerging alternative/electro-pop artist from southern New Jersey. Similar to the likes of Lorde, Banks, and Lana Del Rey, ELOSIN captivates her audience with a dark and edgy style complimented by lyrics of hard times and heartbreak.

Her Debut EP "Being Numb" was released in collaboration with co-writer/producer David Parsons at Avid Wolf Records in 2016. The following month, they released the original song "Afterglow," adding epic orchestral elements to her sound. 


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